Today, the CDLC is working with our community partners to maintain and strengthen health care, the public education system, and to protect our social programs.

These things effect every person, union or non-union both working and unemployed. Labour activists volunteer their time in many aspects to build stronger and more caring communities. We do this by fighting for equal access to quality social programs and public services and decent jobs and standard of living for everyone.

Together, we are working to close the growing gap between the rich and poor in our society.


What’s Coming Up?

Here is a list of available COVID Community Resources click below 

Resources for Individuals and Families

Here is a presentation on Federal Subsidies:

Federal Subsidies

CDLC General Membership Meetings are presently being held via ZOOM. If you are a delegate for your union please make sure we have your email address so that you can receive an invitation to the meetings – send to Next Zoom Membership Meeting is September 21st.
All classroom style training has been suspended at this time.